Therapeutic and Healing Massage

Myofascial Release

Facilitating the unwinding and releasing of restricted and stuck fascia, the body’s three dimensional connective tissue that provides structure. When fascia releases the body assumes natural positioning which allows ​for full range of motion and the “comfortable in our own skin” feeling.


Requires client participation in identifying blocks and releasing them on multiple levels (i.e., emotionally, mentally and physically) by tapping meridian alpha and omega points.


Gift Certificates

Certificates are available in hard copy form and can be shipped to purchaser or recipient. Gift Certificates do have an expiration date. Please text or call for details.

Massage and Reiki


Applied pressure point therapy releasing obstructions and/or restrictions in the meridian map of the body. Meridians are identified pathways allowing life force energy (chi or ki) to flow through the body.


Gentle and practical healing therapy in person or over distance.


Muscle specific and regional body effleurage and petrissage movements.